Map Examples

The Nebraska Mapping Services framework can be used to make web-based, responsive maps of Nebraska.

This framework includes many features for displaying information, including coloring counties, adding pins, and zooming to counties.

Below are several examples of features in the framework and how they could be used.

Map Builder

The builder can help you group and make data driven maps using a web interface. Only a limited set of features are implemented in the builder tools. For more advanced features you will need to use the API to generate your own.

The generated maps can be exported as both an image or code snippet so it may be used on University of Nebraska, WDN web sites.

Go to the Map Builder

Code Examples:

Initialize a Map

Map by model

Change a County Color

Using Color Scales

Add a Legend

Add Map Labels

Note: v1.2 only

Zoom To Counties

Note: v1.2 only

Outline Counties

Note: v1.2 only

Pattern Fill Counties

Note: v1.2 only

Advanced Scripting Callback

Note: v1.2 only

County Labels Example

Note: v1.2 only

Want to see more?

Our team has a host of other options built into the framework. These experimental features are extend the use of the mapping framework but may not be totally polished quite yet. Use at your own risk.

Show Experimental

Add a Map Pin


Pinsset ForceFields